The GAMMA®_TUTOR software was developed over a period of 15-years by the Govan Mbeki Mathematics Development Centre (GMMDC) of the Nelson Mandela University.

main components


The GAMMA®_TUTOR software, which is pre-installed on the GAMMA®_STICK device, includes the entire CAPS Maths (Grades 8-12) and Physical Science (Grades 10-12) syllabi, along with a large package of handy supplemental materials. The main components include the following:

past exam papers

Examination revision videos, as well as more than 30 past exam papers.

experiment videos

Series of experiment videos for Physical Sciences, all recorded in professional laboratories by qualified scientists and educators.

career guidance

Career guidance for occupations in the STEM sector, complete with advice on gaining access to the best relevant study programmes.

self assessment

Interactive self-assessment exercises with feedback.


Summaries for quick references prior to tests and exams.

casio video series

Casio video series showing the proper use of scientific calculators for a range of mathematics problems.

video lessons

Complete series of video lessons for maths and science.

language support

Comprehensive language support for 9 official South African languages.

While the above resources are ideal for private use by pupils, there are also many fantastic resources for classroom use, such as:

Animated CAPS PPT lessons for the classroom

Special Exam revision PPT lessons to aid holiday support programmes

An archive of past provincial and national exam papers with memos and PDF format

A range of free apps for additional CAPS teaching support in the classroom