GAMMA®_TUTOR was first rolled out by Nelson Mandela University’s Govan Mbeki Mathematics Development Centre (GMMDC), with the learning materials pre-installed on Android tablets, which were then distributed to learners and teachers around the Eastern Cape.

After the initial rollout of GAMMA®_TUTOR, we plan to expand the range of the content to cover other subjects aside from maths and science. Future additions will include life sciences, business studies, accounting, computer applications technology, economics, geography, history, information technology, life orientation and music.

In the spirit of 4IR, the Gamma team is also developing content for the national Robotics, Coding and AI syllabus, which is fast becoming a key subject for today’s learners. An exciting and rapidly developing part of the STEM teaching curriculum around the world, this subject prepares pupils for a future of working with all manner of artificial intelligence, from simple coding of computer software, to developing sophisticated algorithms with powerful, real-world applications, and even the design and programming of robots.

The next phase after that will include all eleven official languages.


Also, currently in development is GAMMA®_CUBE, a compact, portable, customised projector specifically designed to work with GAMMA®_TUTOR. Together with the stick, GAMMA®_CUBE will form a complete classroom aid, able to project onto any white surface.