Our aim is to provide high-quality teaching and learning materials that will benefit both educators and learners alike.


Gamma Education Technologies is an education solutions company that is focused on transforming education by using cutting edge technologies in the teaching and learning environment.

We recognise that the challenges South Africa faces in the basic education field remain a key stumbling block in our participation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). The progress of 4IR demands skilled personnel with strong backgrounds in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Our country’s educational challenges impede our ability to respond to these demands.

To address these challenges, we have developed a comprehensive system that utilises the latest in micro-computing technology – GAMMA®_STICK paired with innovative educational software. The GAMMA®_TUTOR software is based on the SA Department of Basic Education’s CAPS curriculum. The company also provides complete teacher training, technical support and ongoing monitoring and evaluation to ensure that the system responds correctly to the needs of Maths and Science education.


The software was originally developed and launched by the Govan Mbeki Maths Development Centre (GMMDC) at Nelson Mandela University (NMU). A successful pilot program saw the limited roll-out of pre-loaded tablets to learners in rural areas of the Eastern Cape. All learners who used the software showed marked improvements in their Maths and Science results. It then became clear that there was vast potential to broaden the scope of the programme, which Gamma is now facilitating through its pioneering micro computing solutions.

Basic Education

South Africa’s basic education system is an excellent one in content and policy, offering full, well- rounded teaching to learners from Grade 0-12. On the whole, it adapts and develops quickly and effectively in response to changes in the world at large. However, it faces a number of challenges in terms of teaching materials and capacities, and continues to struggle in achieving the kinds of Maths and Science results needed to create a 4IR-ready workforce.

Most of the careers arising from 4IR are technical in nature and require a strong grounding in STEM subjects. Considering South Africa’s worrying record when it comes to results in these subjects, we are at risk of falling behind as the rest of the world rises to the 4IR challenge. What is needed is a teaching and learning solution that is as revolutionary as 4IR itself….

As a response to this demand, we introduce the GAMMA®_TUTOR device.